For the twenty-ninth and very first time.

Tweaked and tuned up as desired and required.

A 1-off, 2-night, 3-day, 4-dimensional eucalyptic extravaganza, handmade for humans, in the Supernaturallest Amphitheatre on Earth.

If you are interested in tickets, whether or not you have flown with us before, the best way is via The Ballot

It’s free and easy to enter, and it’s open now.


Come As You Are

Meredith started in 1991 as a one-off blow out for a coupla hundred free-wheelin’ friends. So much fun was had that she just kept on keeping on. 29 years of collective know-how married with wild ambition means that sweet little parcel of land is now a purpose-built Underground Wonderland.

Antenna tuned fine to the freakwency, on the eternal quest.

Let's Roll

The supreme enjoyables that made that first one are still in abundance.

One stage, BYO, free range camping under the stars, the No Dickhead Policy, a complete absence of commercial sponsorship, and the magical mix of music, nature and weird and wonderful humanity at its finest.

It's In The Space Between The Notes...

…that the music happens. Attractions, not distractions. The Meredith Gift, Red Tree, Sunset Strip, Arch of Love, The Boot all just happened and kept happening. Celebrated or private. 

Comes With Lifetime Warranty

Thanks to all the feedback and ideas from you and your friends, Meredith self-propagates. We guarantee we will continue to listen, fix things if they don’t work, not fix them if they do and Keep On Making Meredith Meredither.

I hope to see you in The Sup’,

Aunty Meredith
and The Supernatural Custodians